Happy House Hostel
Moneda 1829
Santiago, Chile
+56 2 2688 4849 | (56 9) 6206 6876
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Welcome to Happy House Hostel… An Oasis in the heart of Santiago

Located on the famous Moneda Street in the downtown of the city, just 15 minutes walk from the historic center of Santiago and the Government House, major museums, the Plaza de Armas, between other tourist attractions. In the Brasil neighborhood, our hostel offers a warm and entertaining environment for your stay in Chile. Its attractive garden has a large swimming pool and a nice and comfortable terraces to enjoy a barbecue or a sunbath. Stay in the heart of the city of Santiago enjoying a quiet place to rest, with rooms with a high level of design and comfort.

We are located two blocks north of Metro Los Heroes (Subway Line 1), Moneda 1829, Santiago.